About Taylor Scheer

“People are just trying figure out how to bridge the gap between where they are and the life they want to have.”

Taylor Scheer and his wife, Cassidi live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have three children, Charleston (5 years old), Tripp (3 years old) and Delta (1 year old). Taylor is the son of Pastors Bill and Sandy Scheer of Guts Church, but has a different story than most with his background. Taylor and Cassidi are extremely entrepreneurial and have had major success in the business realm. When he was younger & before marriage, Taylor founded a Men’s clothing store that gave him a unique perspective for the future. He would go on to invest in multiple start-ups and continues to do so to this day. Taylor is the owner of a local landscaping company called Patriot Outdoor Services. Taylor and Cassidi are assistant pastors at Guts Church in Tulsa.

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“We started Local Church to reach people who aren’t immersed in the mainstream church world.”

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“My focus is making it easy for people to get to God.”

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